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Elevate your WordPress services with WP Engine managed WordPress hosting by DMPHosting.

Cut technology costs, boost site performance, and enhance security at the same time.

Standardize your agency’s WordPress sites on a single enterprise-grade hosting platform.

Elevate your agency services

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What’s wrong with hosting WordPress sites on multiple platforms?

You’re currently using more than one hosting provider, which is risky, inefficient, and costly. It leaves all your WordPress sites vulnerable to security breaches, sacrifices performance, slows internal processes, and means you’re paying for more vendors than you need.

It’s why other agency and technology leaders are directing their teams to migrate to a single enterprise WordPress platform and are experiencing better site performance, hardened security, and faster time to market at a lower cost.

Brands that trust WP Engine:

The benefits of standardizing on WP Engine.

Advanced security.

109M attacks are blocked daily. Protect your sites and close vulnerabilities and loopholes.

Cost effectiveness.

Reduce technology spend by consolidating vendors rather than paying for multiple hosts.

Centralized visibility.

See all your WordPress sites in one place and get greater control across environments.

Greater efficiency.

Teams see a 60%+ reduction in time to market. Streamline processes and reduce time spent on site management.

Better performance.

Customers who migrate to
WP Engine experience an average site speed increase up to 40% with 99.99% uptime.

Dedicated support.

Over 250 customer-facing WordPress experts, in addition to DMPHosting. Enjoy a single go-to resource for support from a dedicated team of experts.

Earn Monthly Commissions!

Sign-up as an affiliate for DMPHosting and earn monthly commissions for every client that signs-up for our managed WordPress hosting and maintenance plan. You design their WordPress website, and we’ll take care of the hosting and maintenance.

Are you ready to elevate your WordPress agency?

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Diamond Level: DMPHosting will manage all technical aspects of hosting the website, including security alerts, plugins updates, theme updates, WordPress updates, PHP updates and other server-side updates.
Platinum Level: DMPHosting will manage security alerts, PHP updates and other server-side updates.
Standard with DMPHosting: Website Backups, Staging or Development copy of the WordPress website, CDN global caching, Global Edge security, and SPM (Secure Plugin Management).
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